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Pastor Cary Carlin

Pastor Edith Carlin


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Giving Living & Debt Delivering.mp3 - Practical teaching on building wealth; Pastor Edith 10-27-13

Faithfulness-The Key to Prosperity.mp3 - The faithful will abound with blessings; Pastor Edith, 10-23-13

Blessed by God.mp3 - What is God's will concerning blessing you?; Pastor Edith 10-20-13

What Belongs to God.mp3 - It's hard to give unless you understand what's His; Pastor Edith 10-16-13

Grace for Giving.mp3 - There's a spiritual economic system for the believer; Pastor Edith, 10-13-13

Harvest of Souls.mp3 - The Lord says "don't wait it's time for harvest"; Pastor Cary, 10-9-13

Believe for Glory.mp3 - Spontaneous message to expect God to use you; Pastor Edith, 10-2-13

Worship.mp3 - Unlock the power of God in your life; Ikem Grigsby, 9-29-13

The Right Choice.mp3 - It's up to you so choose wisely; Pastor Cary, 9-25-13

Finances for Glory.mp3 - God wants to finance this last move through you; Pastor Edith, 9-22-13

Clean Out Time.mp3 - Spontaneous message to get rid of unfruitful things; Pastor Edith, 9-18-13

The Benefits of Church.mp3 - Why it's important to be an active part! Pastor Edith, 9-15-13

The Heart of Jesus.mp3 - Knowing what's important to Him; Pastor Cary, 9-11-13

Check Your Levels.mp3 - Spontaneous message to check your levels of peace & joy; Pastor Edith 9-4-13

Preparation for Glory.mp3 - Spontaneous message to get ready for  the Glory; Pastor Edith, 9-1-13

Special Guest Randall Grier-AM.mp3 and Randall Grier-PM.mp3 - 8-25-13

Healing-The Children's Bread 2.mp3 - How to appropriate your healing; Pastor Edith, 8-21-13

Healing-The Children's Bread.mp3 - Healing belongs to the believer; Pastor Edith, 8-18-13

Youth Meeting - Meditation.mp3 - It's your tool to great faith; Rev Ikem Grigsby, 8-16-13

A Fresh Start.mp3 - With God you can always begin again; Pastor Cary, 8-14-13

The Spirit of God.mp3 - Learn to depend on the Spirit of God; Pastor Cary, 8-11-13

Moving Out.mp3 - Trust God to use you to touch other's lives; Pastor Edith, 8-7-13

Strong Spirit.mp3 - Don't just feed your body but feed your spirit too; Pastor Cary, 8-4-13

Champions 4 Christ Youth Rally 2013 Testimonies.mp3 - 8-4-13 (sound edited version)

Hearing & Acknowledging God.mp3 -God directs as we choose to hear Him; Pastor Edith, 7-28-13

Living Water.mp3 - God wants to pour His living water through you; Pastor Cary, 7-24-13

Dangers of Offense.mp3 - Offense is dangerous so guard against it; Pastor Edith, 7-21-13

Favor.mp3 - Learn to walk in the unmerited favor of God; Pastor Cary, 7-16-13

It's Not About Me.mp3-The dangers of living a selfish life; Pastor Edith, 7-14-13

Special Ministry-I.mp3-You're not alone in the will of God; Rev Larry Brown, 7-10-13

Special Ministry-2.mp3-You're not alone in the will of God; Rev Larry Brown, 7-10-13

Philemon.mp3-The power of forgiveness; Pastor Cary, 7-7-13

Bridle Your Tongue.mp3-The importance of your words; Pastor Edith, 7-3-13

Freedom.mp3 - Jesus set us free to live in freedom; Pastor Edith, 6-30-13

Revelation Chapters 21-22.mp3 - New Heaven & New Earth; Pastor Edith, 6-19-13

Revelation Chapters 18-20.mp3 -Armageddon & the End; Pastor Edith, 6-12-13

Abortion.mp3 - What's the real story about abortion; Pastor Cary, 6-9-13

Doing His Thing.mp3 - Are we doing our thing or God's? ; Pastor Cary, 6-2-13

Special Ministry.mp3 - Rev Carlos Haynes; 5-26-13

Revelation Chapters 14-17.mp3 - Bowls of Judgment & the Harlot; Pastor Edith, 5-29-13

Revelation Chapters 12-13.mp3 - Sun clothed woman & the Beast; Pastor Edith, 5-22-13

Facing Your Giants.mp3 - Stand up to your problems, God's with you; Pastor Cary, 5-19-13

Revelation Chapters 10-11.mp3 - 7 Thunders & 2 Witnesses; Pastor Edith, 5-15-13


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